Saturday, 8 November 2008

KIMIKO Yoshida

Kimiko was born in Japan but her career is most in France where the ideology about the woman doing art is more freedom than in Japan. She has created a lot of beautiful and abstract photographs since she has been working in France. Her photos are using from the unique metal to the hand made tools of the Indian in America to represent about the meaning of the space, the time, the empty and the creative characteristics of the artist. She has used the camera as the brush and the objects as the paints to create beautiful painting.

Kimiko has been kicked out from her house since she was 3 years old because her family could not afford the rent and maybe her special situation has become the power and the unlimited inspiration for her to create arts. She studied French literature in Tokyo at first but she found it is boring soon when the artist blood is spreading through her body. And then she tried the fashion design course but after all she decided to do art. She has went to Europe and she discovered a lot of differences to Japan, the culture, the art, the thinking etc. Looking her works, we could see a lot of topics such as: sex, woman, racism, etc. Kimiko has combined the cutting edge, the freedom, the strength of the Western female with the patient, the philosophy, the mystery of the Eastern female through her works. She has brought to us a lot of story about different people all around the world, each image seems like a story behind with the special costumes represent for different race in the world. It might be the white theme with the velvet of the Muslim female but it could the dark tone of the African female with their unique jewelry and bracelet etc.

The images are portrait type. The collection has shown us the colorful and variety of the wedding clothes in all over the world. Different culture gives us different color, jewelry, clothes. The inspiration for the collection came from the memory of Kimiko about her arranged married when she was young, therefore those pictures are also her own story, her own life experienced. Kimiko pays extra attention to the facial expression, especially the eyes: the sadness face, the curious eyes of the bride when she is seeing her husband the first time in the arranged marriage, or it could be the pale face of the young girl who is not ready to marry etc. The expression of the eyes and the costumes has become the strong point of the picture which makes the viewer thinking carefully about the fairness of life, about destiny, the unlucky situation of the woman around the world. The artist talent and her fashion design experience have helped her to achieve the ideas about the brides’ pictures collection from different country: Japan, Africa, China, South America etc. For each country, Kimiko brings to us the culture, the life style of that place, it could be the big and heavy wedding jewelry of the North African Brides, it could be also the velvet covers the whole face of the Muslim brides or the Pokemon represents for the Japanese manga etc. These pictures also are successful in using light to press the costumes and face expression into the dominance. The way she did with the color of the costumes and the tone of the background are so attractive, they might be black, white, yellow etc. It is really making the passengers stop by and watch the pictures carefully to think, to feel and to understand the real meaning behind it.

You could view more a bout her art works and her background at link:

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Dim Sum said...

Some amazing work. Clever use of color and cultural symbols.