Saturday, 15 November 2008

MISHA GORDIN-Conceptual Photography

Misha Gordin is the conceptual photographer. His images are developed in the dark room without the touch up in Photoshop or any program. Most of his images are black and white. The theme of his images are wide range, depends on his situation at that moment or events happen around him. Misha Gordin has applied the advanced of proportion and the perspective to create the abstract and the depth feeling for his images. He wants the viewer just enjoy his images but they also have to think about the concept inside the images. Different people will get different feeling and realizing different messages that Misha Gordin put inside his images. Like the Doubt collection, the image is symmetrical with the subject is right in the middle. The subject is the man who is tided hardly; the light is concentrated on the man’s body with his muscle on the dark background in the desert. The images create the wild and the tide feeling, it makes the viewer feel really grumpy just as they are being tide which is same as the feeling when you are doubt in something without explanation. Or the shout image, the drying face of the man might represent for the dying plants in the earth are being killed by human, Misha Gordin might give them the right to speak up with his images. His skillful images developing in the dark room has enhanced his images.

Misha Gordin, 1984-1987

Misha Gordin, 1994 -1995

In the crowd collection, Misha Gordin has also applied the gestalt principles into his photos. He has used the similarity by letting the models wear the sample clothes to create the strong feeling for his concept. The proximity between the models are also tight so the image looks really heavy and dense. The closure principles help the viewer to form the group of models into the rectangle shape. The parallel steps at the background are also creating the horizontal blance for his image. His concept and his arrangement really make the viewer think deeply but just watching them.

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Dim Sum said...

Hmmm.... Interesting artist. Just because it was assembled in a dark room, does not automatically mean that Photoshop was not used at all.

There are many techniques, such as printing part of the images on film or acetate and then bringing it into the darkroom, which do use Photoshop, just in a less direct manner, especially the shout series.