Sunday, 9 November 2008


I am the fan of using 3d Max in design. I loved to do interior design and character design by 3d max. I also have made a short 3d movie and I will upload it up later. Here are 3 interior design and the Gundam model I did in 3d Max.

This is the interior design of the login 108 coffee shop on Truong Dinh street, near the Tao Dan Park. My design is based on the requirement of the client that she wants to have the different space for different kind of customers and the number of them. So I devided the area into 3 separated part: the sofa for the group of 4 to 5 people, the long bar for the couple and the "cage" on the right side for the big group. The main tone is the lotus pink. I also designed the special ceiling by gesso with the shape of the key, the logo of the coffee shop.

These are the two karaoke room I designed for the director of the Thai An Department in District 12. She wanted to have two private karaoke room for her family with two different scenes for each room.

The first room, I got the idea from the space which is full of stars. I used the neonsign to create the star. The colourful decorating on the left side is for reducing the sound reflected on the wall and it also brings the rock feeling to the audience.

The second room is for the the luxury yacht which brings the audience into the luxury world in the yacht. I decided to do some sea painting on the wall and using the ships decorating ( the window, the wheel, the light etc. ) to bring the yacht feeling.

Gundam Robot Design based on the famous Japanese anime Gundam. Therefore the robot is really look alike as the robot character in the anime. I will try to draw the transformer next time when I have time and my 3D Max skill has improved.


Dim Sum said...

I have to say that I'm quite impressed with your 3D design skills.

The first design is very well done. Great colors and space. Don't really like the key idea that much, but at least you've kept it subtle.

Nice work.

Dim Sum said...

By the way, how do these clients find you for Interior Design work? Have you been doing this awhile?