Sunday, 23 November 2008


All U Can Shop is the name of the online shop which is selling girl clothing and assessories. The owner of the shop is my friend and she asked me to design the logo for her. She wants to have something that cutting edge but simple.

My first idea is I am thinking about the name of the shop. It is definitely about shopping and I am thinking about the trolley. It looks somehow like the S shpae. So I tried to figure out the relationship of the trolley shape and the S shape. I did some sketching for my idea. I am also thinking about putting a crown on the top as the elegant symbol but it looks a bit eccentric and childish so I give up this idea.

So I talked to the owner about my idea, the trolley S shape. She is not really happy with this design, after some talking, I got that she wants the whole text of her shop as the logo ( just as her favorite brand DKNY or Diesel ). So I have to restart again.This time I am playing around with the text All You Can Shop. I am thinking that the customers always come at first so I want that the you need to be stand out from the rest, so I pick the bright gold, represents for the luxury on the dark grey background. I used two fonts to mess around for my logo which are Gill Sans MT Ex Con and Impact. I decided to put the text vertical way so it gets the stamp look. I played around with the tracking and leading until I pleased with the set up. And this is the final design for the All you Can Shop.

You guys could view and buy clothes by this link. They will deliver to your home if you buy more than 3 stuffs.

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Dim Sum said...

That's too bad. I like the "S" icon much better than the sign.