Sunday, 14 December 2008

Sunday, 7 December 2008

The BELL decorate

I asked my friend to buy a bell for me. The result that he bought a black boring bell for me. I want to do something with it to make it more interesting. I decided to spray some cool stuffs over it. I used tape to wrap up the bottom part because the that the part I gonna hit on when playing drums. So I should leave the raw material there. With the tape on, when I spray the paint will not be over the part that I covered.

I did some sketching and picked the skull with the army uniform hat. I measure the bell and draw it on the paper so I could draw my skull match with the size of the bell.

After that, I used knife to get rid of the irrelevant parts. So I got the room to spray my color. I put the paper straight on the silver part which I sprayed. And then I used the dark red, deep blue and white to messed up on it.

This is the final I got after took off all the tapes.

This is how my bell is placed with my flash drum. As the designer, I want to change and decorate everything around me that I am not pleased with.

The red skull matches very well with the red drums.

Sunday, 30 November 2008

Depth and Traffic

I am thinking about how depth can my camera achieve so I traveled through different places in the city to capture the depth image of the traffic. Because of the lack of light at night time so my shutter speed is slow but it is in my purpose to created these beautiful abstract lines of traffic. These are my favorite photos after one night at work .

Railway - Bo ke Le Van Si ( there is the mystery person which I do not know because it was really dark, I got him by accident in my photo)
aperture f11 - shutter speed 15 s - ISO 640 - 8 30 pm

Ong Lon Bridge - Nguyen Van Linh highway
aperture f11 - shutter speed 2 s - ISO 640 - 7 30 pm

Ong Lon Bridge - Nguyen Van Linh highway
aperture f11 - shutter speed 3 s - ISO 640 - 7 30 pm

Gia Dinh hospital - pedestrians bridge which cross over the No Trang Long street
aperture f22 - shutter speed 10 s - ISO 640 - 9 30 pm

Railway cross Le Van Si street
aperture f22 - shutter speed 10 s - ISO 640 - 9 30 pm

Railway - Bo ke Le Van Si
aperture f11 - shutter speed 10 s - ISO 640 - 8 30 pm


I am working on my own time to design the character that could represent my characteristic and lifestyle. Because I design these characters for my own so they will be looked the way that I liked. First of all, they all have the short legs and the long upper body. I am actually really lazy and my mum always say that it is because I have the long back so my characters also have long back. They will be looked a bit strange but acceptable. I loved skinny jeans so my characters also have skinny jeans. Their outfit will be fashionable which is all the best clothes that I picked for them from the most famous brand like Diesel, D&G, G Star etc. I put the weight on the upper part and my characters will look really heavy. They also have the big eyes and small nose, mouth with thin eye browns. These details are a bit influenced by the Manga characters because I also ready heaps of these. Their color will be bright and fresh and they will all have the mystery smile.

Shoes Illustrated Drawing
When life is hard to live, I also draw on shoes to earn extra money. These ones also based on my character design.
These are the painting I did with my customer's character ( they picked these from manga ).

Sunday, 23 November 2008

EXpressionism Art Movement

Expressionism is the art movement appeared in Europe at the late nineteenth century and the beginning of twentieth century. Expressionism is the tendency of an artists to express the emotional and characteristic of the subject or of the own artists. These emotional of the artist is used to be inspired by the special events that happen around like the world war, the rise of industrialization, capitalism versus socialism. The way expressionism art work frequently overrides the actual appearance of the reality, it might be distorted or altered. The expressionism is exhibited in many art form, such as painting, literature, music, architecture.

The scream
Eavard Munch, 1893

This is the famous painting by Edvard Munch, which is known as "the scream". The background and the subject is painted by the dark, mystery color with the exaggerated line to express the frightening feeling of the painting. I can feel that the artist has used his own experience, his own feeling and imagination to paint. Looked the picture, the viewer could feel like there is the scream that goes through their brain from their eyes.
Rehe im Walde
Franz Marc

This painting belongs to Franz Marc which is the Abstract Expressionism movement.

Toledo Die groben baluen Pferde
Franz Marc, 1911

view of Toledo
El Greco. 1595-1610

Elbe Bridge
Rolf Nesch


All U Can Shop is the name of the online shop which is selling girl clothing and assessories. The owner of the shop is my friend and she asked me to design the logo for her. She wants to have something that cutting edge but simple.

My first idea is I am thinking about the name of the shop. It is definitely about shopping and I am thinking about the trolley. It looks somehow like the S shpae. So I tried to figure out the relationship of the trolley shape and the S shape. I did some sketching for my idea. I am also thinking about putting a crown on the top as the elegant symbol but it looks a bit eccentric and childish so I give up this idea.

So I talked to the owner about my idea, the trolley S shape. She is not really happy with this design, after some talking, I got that she wants the whole text of her shop as the logo ( just as her favorite brand DKNY or Diesel ). So I have to restart again.This time I am playing around with the text All You Can Shop. I am thinking that the customers always come at first so I want that the you need to be stand out from the rest, so I pick the bright gold, represents for the luxury on the dark grey background. I used two fonts to mess around for my logo which are Gill Sans MT Ex Con and Impact. I decided to put the text vertical way so it gets the stamp look. I played around with the tracking and leading until I pleased with the set up. And this is the final design for the All you Can Shop.

You guys could view and buy clothes by this link. They will deliver to your home if you buy more than 3 stuffs.

Saturday, 15 November 2008

MISHA GORDIN-Conceptual Photography

Misha Gordin is the conceptual photographer. His images are developed in the dark room without the touch up in Photoshop or any program. Most of his images are black and white. The theme of his images are wide range, depends on his situation at that moment or events happen around him. Misha Gordin has applied the advanced of proportion and the perspective to create the abstract and the depth feeling for his images. He wants the viewer just enjoy his images but they also have to think about the concept inside the images. Different people will get different feeling and realizing different messages that Misha Gordin put inside his images. Like the Doubt collection, the image is symmetrical with the subject is right in the middle. The subject is the man who is tided hardly; the light is concentrated on the man’s body with his muscle on the dark background in the desert. The images create the wild and the tide feeling, it makes the viewer feel really grumpy just as they are being tide which is same as the feeling when you are doubt in something without explanation. Or the shout image, the drying face of the man might represent for the dying plants in the earth are being killed by human, Misha Gordin might give them the right to speak up with his images. His skillful images developing in the dark room has enhanced his images.

Misha Gordin, 1984-1987

Misha Gordin, 1994 -1995

In the crowd collection, Misha Gordin has also applied the gestalt principles into his photos. He has used the similarity by letting the models wear the sample clothes to create the strong feeling for his concept. The proximity between the models are also tight so the image looks really heavy and dense. The closure principles help the viewer to form the group of models into the rectangle shape. The parallel steps at the background are also creating the horizontal blance for his image. His concept and his arrangement really make the viewer think deeply but just watching them.