Sunday, 26 October 2008


On the Saturday last week, 18th October, I participated in the Canon Marathon Photo Competition. My goal when taking part in this competition is gaining more experience about still life photography, making friends with other photographers and finding the inspiration for the new semester. That was the long day (from 6:30 am until 10 pm) but a lot of fun. Me and my cousin has travel through the city to take pics for three different topics: Speed and Motion,Water, Happy Moment. These pics below was my choice to compete with other opponents.

Happy Moment:

This photo was taken in the small alley in district III, the young couple just gave birth and I want to capture their happy moment with their baby.

Speed and Motion:

This picture was captured in district V, at the Chinese Medicine Producing Store. I took the picture through the plants leaves. The wind vibrated the leaves compete with the man's moving hand making medicine.


Water is one of the most important element to create the living of other creature on the earth. The position of this pic was actually a big trash on the side of the Pasteur street. I was kind stuck of ideas so I took this one with the meaning is war (against the topic) but there were ice cubes around the tank anyways.

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Dim Sum said...

Of these three photos, the one for "Happy Moment" is the most successful. Genuine, un-posed, and very candid.