Sunday, 30 November 2008

Depth and Traffic

I am thinking about how depth can my camera achieve so I traveled through different places in the city to capture the depth image of the traffic. Because of the lack of light at night time so my shutter speed is slow but it is in my purpose to created these beautiful abstract lines of traffic. These are my favorite photos after one night at work .

Railway - Bo ke Le Van Si ( there is the mystery person which I do not know because it was really dark, I got him by accident in my photo)
aperture f11 - shutter speed 15 s - ISO 640 - 8 30 pm

Ong Lon Bridge - Nguyen Van Linh highway
aperture f11 - shutter speed 2 s - ISO 640 - 7 30 pm

Ong Lon Bridge - Nguyen Van Linh highway
aperture f11 - shutter speed 3 s - ISO 640 - 7 30 pm

Gia Dinh hospital - pedestrians bridge which cross over the No Trang Long street
aperture f22 - shutter speed 10 s - ISO 640 - 9 30 pm

Railway cross Le Van Si street
aperture f22 - shutter speed 10 s - ISO 640 - 9 30 pm

Railway - Bo ke Le Van Si
aperture f11 - shutter speed 10 s - ISO 640 - 8 30 pm


I am working on my own time to design the character that could represent my characteristic and lifestyle. Because I design these characters for my own so they will be looked the way that I liked. First of all, they all have the short legs and the long upper body. I am actually really lazy and my mum always say that it is because I have the long back so my characters also have long back. They will be looked a bit strange but acceptable. I loved skinny jeans so my characters also have skinny jeans. Their outfit will be fashionable which is all the best clothes that I picked for them from the most famous brand like Diesel, D&G, G Star etc. I put the weight on the upper part and my characters will look really heavy. They also have the big eyes and small nose, mouth with thin eye browns. These details are a bit influenced by the Manga characters because I also ready heaps of these. Their color will be bright and fresh and they will all have the mystery smile.

Shoes Illustrated Drawing
When life is hard to live, I also draw on shoes to earn extra money. These ones also based on my character design.
These are the painting I did with my customer's character ( they picked these from manga ).

Sunday, 23 November 2008

EXpressionism Art Movement

Expressionism is the art movement appeared in Europe at the late nineteenth century and the beginning of twentieth century. Expressionism is the tendency of an artists to express the emotional and characteristic of the subject or of the own artists. These emotional of the artist is used to be inspired by the special events that happen around like the world war, the rise of industrialization, capitalism versus socialism. The way expressionism art work frequently overrides the actual appearance of the reality, it might be distorted or altered. The expressionism is exhibited in many art form, such as painting, literature, music, architecture.

The scream
Eavard Munch, 1893

This is the famous painting by Edvard Munch, which is known as "the scream". The background and the subject is painted by the dark, mystery color with the exaggerated line to express the frightening feeling of the painting. I can feel that the artist has used his own experience, his own feeling and imagination to paint. Looked the picture, the viewer could feel like there is the scream that goes through their brain from their eyes.
Rehe im Walde
Franz Marc

This painting belongs to Franz Marc which is the Abstract Expressionism movement.

Toledo Die groben baluen Pferde
Franz Marc, 1911

view of Toledo
El Greco. 1595-1610

Elbe Bridge
Rolf Nesch


All U Can Shop is the name of the online shop which is selling girl clothing and assessories. The owner of the shop is my friend and she asked me to design the logo for her. She wants to have something that cutting edge but simple.

My first idea is I am thinking about the name of the shop. It is definitely about shopping and I am thinking about the trolley. It looks somehow like the S shpae. So I tried to figure out the relationship of the trolley shape and the S shape. I did some sketching for my idea. I am also thinking about putting a crown on the top as the elegant symbol but it looks a bit eccentric and childish so I give up this idea.

So I talked to the owner about my idea, the trolley S shape. She is not really happy with this design, after some talking, I got that she wants the whole text of her shop as the logo ( just as her favorite brand DKNY or Diesel ). So I have to restart again.This time I am playing around with the text All You Can Shop. I am thinking that the customers always come at first so I want that the you need to be stand out from the rest, so I pick the bright gold, represents for the luxury on the dark grey background. I used two fonts to mess around for my logo which are Gill Sans MT Ex Con and Impact. I decided to put the text vertical way so it gets the stamp look. I played around with the tracking and leading until I pleased with the set up. And this is the final design for the All you Can Shop.

You guys could view and buy clothes by this link. They will deliver to your home if you buy more than 3 stuffs.

Saturday, 15 November 2008

MISHA GORDIN-Conceptual Photography

Misha Gordin is the conceptual photographer. His images are developed in the dark room without the touch up in Photoshop or any program. Most of his images are black and white. The theme of his images are wide range, depends on his situation at that moment or events happen around him. Misha Gordin has applied the advanced of proportion and the perspective to create the abstract and the depth feeling for his images. He wants the viewer just enjoy his images but they also have to think about the concept inside the images. Different people will get different feeling and realizing different messages that Misha Gordin put inside his images. Like the Doubt collection, the image is symmetrical with the subject is right in the middle. The subject is the man who is tided hardly; the light is concentrated on the man’s body with his muscle on the dark background in the desert. The images create the wild and the tide feeling, it makes the viewer feel really grumpy just as they are being tide which is same as the feeling when you are doubt in something without explanation. Or the shout image, the drying face of the man might represent for the dying plants in the earth are being killed by human, Misha Gordin might give them the right to speak up with his images. His skillful images developing in the dark room has enhanced his images.

Misha Gordin, 1984-1987

Misha Gordin, 1994 -1995

In the crowd collection, Misha Gordin has also applied the gestalt principles into his photos. He has used the similarity by letting the models wear the sample clothes to create the strong feeling for his concept. The proximity between the models are also tight so the image looks really heavy and dense. The closure principles help the viewer to form the group of models into the rectangle shape. The parallel steps at the background are also creating the horizontal blance for his image. His concept and his arrangement really make the viewer think deeply but just watching them.

Sunday, 9 November 2008


I am the fan of using 3d Max in design. I loved to do interior design and character design by 3d max. I also have made a short 3d movie and I will upload it up later. Here are 3 interior design and the Gundam model I did in 3d Max.

This is the interior design of the login 108 coffee shop on Truong Dinh street, near the Tao Dan Park. My design is based on the requirement of the client that she wants to have the different space for different kind of customers and the number of them. So I devided the area into 3 separated part: the sofa for the group of 4 to 5 people, the long bar for the couple and the "cage" on the right side for the big group. The main tone is the lotus pink. I also designed the special ceiling by gesso with the shape of the key, the logo of the coffee shop.

These are the two karaoke room I designed for the director of the Thai An Department in District 12. She wanted to have two private karaoke room for her family with two different scenes for each room.

The first room, I got the idea from the space which is full of stars. I used the neonsign to create the star. The colourful decorating on the left side is for reducing the sound reflected on the wall and it also brings the rock feeling to the audience.

The second room is for the the luxury yacht which brings the audience into the luxury world in the yacht. I decided to do some sea painting on the wall and using the ships decorating ( the window, the wheel, the light etc. ) to bring the yacht feeling.

Gundam Robot Design based on the famous Japanese anime Gundam. Therefore the robot is really look alike as the robot character in the anime. I will try to draw the transformer next time when I have time and my 3D Max skill has improved.

Saturday, 8 November 2008


According to my knowledge, the ambiance is the mixed up of a lot of sound around us everyday. It could be the sound of the traffic, the sound of people talking, the sound of the bouncing basketball or it could be simple just as the sound of the wind touch the leaves. Everyday there are a lot of sound that we did not pay attention to. As the multimedia designer, sound design takes one important parts in the design. One famous director has said the successful movie is combined of 20 % visual and 80% sound.

That is the source of inspiration for me to illustrate this picture. I want to represent the interactive between the reality and the unreality, the human and the machine, the nature and the artificial, also the icon and the image ( the cartoon character of me and my real picture ).

The background will represent a simple icon face, which built, from simple circle, rectangle and square. The icon will wear her own head phone to connect with the cassette . The messy map represents for the idea that I got, a lot of ideas come through my mind and a lot of mess also. The colorful parts on the low right is the beat, the temple of sound. The crazy robot head represents for the PC sound producing and his face looks really mad. The guy in colorful clothes represents for my personality. The sky is representing for the nature sound and the building represent for the human made sound.


When I have free time I like to design and make something useful and meaningful. This time I decide to make a small drawer so I could fill it with all the pins around my room.
This design actually concerns with the final design tutor in DIM 2 which I show the viewer how to make the gift box in seven steps. Unfortunately I could not upload the flash up but I like the idea of so I make the real one based on that seven steps.

  • Idea and Sketching: As the basic steps for any design, the idea is very important and the users need to spend a lot of time on it. They need to do some research, learn about the box structure, how to use the basic skill in Illustrator and Photoshop etc. They also need to do some sketching draft paper so they could form what they want for their gift box (font, logo, color).
  • Concept Development: After drafting on paper, now the time to develop the design. I will give one box design so the user could base on it make their box or they could follow my instruction and make one like mine.
  • Design on the PC: As this step the users need to have some basic skills in Illustrator or they could draw on paper and scan into PC. They need to do technique drawing because making the box need the measurement.
  • Printing: using thick paper as the requirement so that the box will be built up nicely. The print
  • Paper cutting: The users need to spend a lot of time for this step.
  • Box contributing: As this step, the user need to pay attention to the tutorial and make it really carefully.
  • Final decorating: Using crystal or button to decorate on the final product. This step really depends on the eye of the users, make the final looks nice or not.

KIMIKO Yoshida

Kimiko was born in Japan but her career is most in France where the ideology about the woman doing art is more freedom than in Japan. She has created a lot of beautiful and abstract photographs since she has been working in France. Her photos are using from the unique metal to the hand made tools of the Indian in America to represent about the meaning of the space, the time, the empty and the creative characteristics of the artist. She has used the camera as the brush and the objects as the paints to create beautiful painting.

Kimiko has been kicked out from her house since she was 3 years old because her family could not afford the rent and maybe her special situation has become the power and the unlimited inspiration for her to create arts. She studied French literature in Tokyo at first but she found it is boring soon when the artist blood is spreading through her body. And then she tried the fashion design course but after all she decided to do art. She has went to Europe and she discovered a lot of differences to Japan, the culture, the art, the thinking etc. Looking her works, we could see a lot of topics such as: sex, woman, racism, etc. Kimiko has combined the cutting edge, the freedom, the strength of the Western female with the patient, the philosophy, the mystery of the Eastern female through her works. She has brought to us a lot of story about different people all around the world, each image seems like a story behind with the special costumes represent for different race in the world. It might be the white theme with the velvet of the Muslim female but it could the dark tone of the African female with their unique jewelry and bracelet etc.

The images are portrait type. The collection has shown us the colorful and variety of the wedding clothes in all over the world. Different culture gives us different color, jewelry, clothes. The inspiration for the collection came from the memory of Kimiko about her arranged married when she was young, therefore those pictures are also her own story, her own life experienced. Kimiko pays extra attention to the facial expression, especially the eyes: the sadness face, the curious eyes of the bride when she is seeing her husband the first time in the arranged marriage, or it could be the pale face of the young girl who is not ready to marry etc. The expression of the eyes and the costumes has become the strong point of the picture which makes the viewer thinking carefully about the fairness of life, about destiny, the unlucky situation of the woman around the world. The artist talent and her fashion design experience have helped her to achieve the ideas about the brides’ pictures collection from different country: Japan, Africa, China, South America etc. For each country, Kimiko brings to us the culture, the life style of that place, it could be the big and heavy wedding jewelry of the North African Brides, it could be also the velvet covers the whole face of the Muslim brides or the Pokemon represents for the Japanese manga etc. These pictures also are successful in using light to press the costumes and face expression into the dominance. The way she did with the color of the costumes and the tone of the background are so attractive, they might be black, white, yellow etc. It is really making the passengers stop by and watch the pictures carefully to think, to feel and to understand the real meaning behind it.

You could view more a bout her art works and her background at link: