Sunday, 30 November 2008


I am working on my own time to design the character that could represent my characteristic and lifestyle. Because I design these characters for my own so they will be looked the way that I liked. First of all, they all have the short legs and the long upper body. I am actually really lazy and my mum always say that it is because I have the long back so my characters also have long back. They will be looked a bit strange but acceptable. I loved skinny jeans so my characters also have skinny jeans. Their outfit will be fashionable which is all the best clothes that I picked for them from the most famous brand like Diesel, D&G, G Star etc. I put the weight on the upper part and my characters will look really heavy. They also have the big eyes and small nose, mouth with thin eye browns. These details are a bit influenced by the Manga characters because I also ready heaps of these. Their color will be bright and fresh and they will all have the mystery smile.

Shoes Illustrated Drawing
When life is hard to live, I also draw on shoes to earn extra money. These ones also based on my character design.
These are the painting I did with my customer's character ( they picked these from manga ).

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Dim Sum said...

How much are you charging for this custom designed shoes? And what kind of paint are you using?