Saturday, 8 November 2008


When I have free time I like to design and make something useful and meaningful. This time I decide to make a small drawer so I could fill it with all the pins around my room.
This design actually concerns with the final design tutor in DIM 2 which I show the viewer how to make the gift box in seven steps. Unfortunately I could not upload the flash up but I like the idea of so I make the real one based on that seven steps.

  • Idea and Sketching: As the basic steps for any design, the idea is very important and the users need to spend a lot of time on it. They need to do some research, learn about the box structure, how to use the basic skill in Illustrator and Photoshop etc. They also need to do some sketching draft paper so they could form what they want for their gift box (font, logo, color).
  • Concept Development: After drafting on paper, now the time to develop the design. I will give one box design so the user could base on it make their box or they could follow my instruction and make one like mine.
  • Design on the PC: As this step the users need to have some basic skills in Illustrator or they could draw on paper and scan into PC. They need to do technique drawing because making the box need the measurement.
  • Printing: using thick paper as the requirement so that the box will be built up nicely. The print
  • Paper cutting: The users need to spend a lot of time for this step.
  • Box contributing: As this step, the user need to pay attention to the tutorial and make it really carefully.
  • Final decorating: Using crystal or button to decorate on the final product. This step really depends on the eye of the users, make the final looks nice or not.

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Dim Sum said...

That's a useful little box you got there. Maybe we should have the whole class try...