Saturday, 8 November 2008


According to my knowledge, the ambiance is the mixed up of a lot of sound around us everyday. It could be the sound of the traffic, the sound of people talking, the sound of the bouncing basketball or it could be simple just as the sound of the wind touch the leaves. Everyday there are a lot of sound that we did not pay attention to. As the multimedia designer, sound design takes one important parts in the design. One famous director has said the successful movie is combined of 20 % visual and 80% sound.

That is the source of inspiration for me to illustrate this picture. I want to represent the interactive between the reality and the unreality, the human and the machine, the nature and the artificial, also the icon and the image ( the cartoon character of me and my real picture ).

The background will represent a simple icon face, which built, from simple circle, rectangle and square. The icon will wear her own head phone to connect with the cassette . The messy map represents for the idea that I got, a lot of ideas come through my mind and a lot of mess also. The colorful parts on the low right is the beat, the temple of sound. The crazy robot head represents for the PC sound producing and his face looks really mad. The guy in colorful clothes represents for my personality. The sky is representing for the nature sound and the building represent for the human made sound.

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Dim Sum said...

In this design, the building in the upper right hand corner does not fit in with the rest of the design. It too clean and orderly, while everything else is all crazy.

And frankly, it does not represent human sound. It represents architecture. It is an building. Its architecture, not sound. Remove it and the design will work better.