Sunday, 7 December 2008

The BELL decorate

I asked my friend to buy a bell for me. The result that he bought a black boring bell for me. I want to do something with it to make it more interesting. I decided to spray some cool stuffs over it. I used tape to wrap up the bottom part because the that the part I gonna hit on when playing drums. So I should leave the raw material there. With the tape on, when I spray the paint will not be over the part that I covered.

I did some sketching and picked the skull with the army uniform hat. I measure the bell and draw it on the paper so I could draw my skull match with the size of the bell.

After that, I used knife to get rid of the irrelevant parts. So I got the room to spray my color. I put the paper straight on the silver part which I sprayed. And then I used the dark red, deep blue and white to messed up on it.

This is the final I got after took off all the tapes.

This is how my bell is placed with my flash drum. As the designer, I want to change and decorate everything around me that I am not pleased with.

The red skull matches very well with the red drums.

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