Friday, 5 September 2008


According to the, juxtaposition is the act of placing or positioning items in the image area of a photograph side by side or next to one another to illustrate some comparison. Unfortunate juxtaposition is the mistaking in placing images so the final meaning are awkwardly.

This picture above is an example of the unfortunate juxtaposition I took in Tao Dan Park. The skull sign represents for the death and dangerous is put nicely next to the drink selling machine. So in my opinion, the final meaning we got from this sign is that drinking soft drink is killing you.

Even though this picture is not a juxtaposition images as the definition but I still want to put it in because it also the two subjects matter were unfortunately put next each other. It might represent for what the developing country like Viet Nam Has to face to, the hole between the rich and poor are getting deeper and deeper. This picture is captured nearby Sky Garden, Phu My Hung. Just right next to the new luxury building is the house boat of the poor family still living by the river bank.

This is the other one I took in my own opinion. What the sign advertised compare to the real situation of the construction ( still blank ).
chicken store vs beef store.
From CMM news, eating turkey and get bird flu.

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