Sunday, 24 August 2008

the street Janitors


There is a photography competition in the You guys could visit through this website at the "xon xao xom ".

The topic is the photo essay of what are going on around us. I am going to post three different topics for this competition. Everyday we see the janitors on the street are cleaning our city. I am curious about their tough work and I want to go deep in to have the general look and feeling about one normal morning of the janitors. I want to create the mood that I have got through when I shot these images.

++ 4 am the empty alley

++ 4:15 am the janitors' tired face

++ shadow

++ the couple scarf

++ 5 am

++6 am time for meeting up

++ the other janitors fall asleep on the pavement after the long night cleaning the street.

++ a minute for a smoke and relaxing

++ thinking about future

++ a fresh start after a street sleep

++ things are trash with someone but useful with someone else

++ "do not threw rubbish away here."


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