Sunday, 13 July 2008

DIeU TRinh EMbroidered Paintings BrochurE.

This is the brochure I design for the Dieu Trinh Embroidered Paintings. The idea is using her own works to create the background and using the advance of Photoshop to evaluate the relationship between the paintings and her brand name Dieu Trinh ( which she wants to get the most attention from the viewer). I arranged her paintings frequently from small group to big group top down. I want to get the colorful background so the viewer eyes could not pay much attention to any of them the main clear tittle : Dieu Trinh. The wood material of the decoration part also bring the peaceful, old time and a bit of sadness deal to her main topic is about the opposite side of the Vietnamese society. I also play around with the balance when I leave the withe gap between these groups. It will balance the design with the left part which looked a bit tough.

I am actually applying the Golden Racial 1:1.618 for the wood decoration and the height of the paintings arranged in the middle.

+++ This is the four steps to create the wooden decoration:
1.. Create the new documents and then add noise in the filter, adjust the amount to 51%, gaussian.
2.. Blur, Amount up to 10, Spin, best quality.
3.. Add noise again but the amount is less than 10% this time.
4.. If you want to play with the pattern, you could also apply the Distort Wave or Distort ZigZag through the choosing area by Elliptical Marquee Tool.
5.. The Type affects is also really simple by using the Type Mask Tool and then delete it from the layer.

+++ The two posters down is also a part of this Project. So I am going to use her real embroidered painting at the background and then put a nice piece of decorative wood with all the detail on it. I will post it up once it finishes.

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